Tripoli Pittsburgh was the first club organization to legally engage in High Power and Experimental High Power Rocketry.  We are always looking for new members and new ways to take High Power Rocketry interests.   Come on down to the next launch and see what it is all about!!!!!

Contact the Treasurer below with your name, email and membership form for membership and any of the officers below for any additional questions?  Come to a workshop, contact an officer to get information about the club or get directions to one of our launches by filling out your starting location in the box below.

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President: Kevin Wushevich

Prefect: John Haught

Vice President: David Ratliff

Treasurer: Rob Camele






The map coordinates will put you near 350 East Riverside Road in East Millsboro.
Continue down the road past Mastiff Drive.  The roadway transitions to a dirt road that has an intersection with another dirt road on your left about 1/2 to 3/4 mile further down East Riverside Rd.  Take the dirt road on your left another quarter mile until you see the Tents and Cars.